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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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Skeptical Science celebrates its 4th birthday

Posted on 23 August 2011 by John Cook

4 years ago on Aug 22, Skeptical Science posted its first blog post (that's right, I even missed our own birthday, only remembering a day late). The site had already been running for a while but initially only featured the database of rebuttals to climate myths (that was my original vision for the site). People had been nagging me about adding a blog (apparently all the kids were doing it) and while I tried to ignore them for as long as possible, eventually I tweaked that blogging was an opportunity to let people know about new rebuttals or updates to existing ones. So I started blogging but with no commenting (ah, the good ol' days).

While I have your attention, I might take the opportunity to mention a few SkS housekeeping details. I've added a few handy links to our top navigation bar. You'll notice the About link at the top now. If you mouseover the link, you'll also see links to a number of interesting pages.

  • The Skeptical Science Team, featuring pics and short bios of most of the Skeptical Science authors. A good way to get to know the people who generously contribute to this site.
  • I've created a new page that lets you view blog posts by author. Eg - you can select an author then view all the blog posts written by that author.
  • A buttons page including a few Skeptical Science buttons you can use if you wish to link to us (please do!)
  • I've blogged about this page before - a list of endorsements of Skeptical Science by scientists (which is pretty cool so worth mentioning again)

Lastly, a bit of personal news. This week, I've started work at the Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland. The position is the Fellowship for Climate Change Science Communication (bit of a mouthful, I know) and will involve research, publishing and I imagine a helluva lot of climate communication. An exciting new phase of this wild adventure!

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Comments 1 to 22:

  1. Happy birthday and heres to the day we no longer need a blog refuting the more 'fragrant' views on climate science.
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  2. Happy birthday SkS, and congratulations to John on the new position, a wise appointment!
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  3. Congrats.
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  4. Best wishes, and many happy returns. (Or, at least enough that the folks cop to the difference between true skepticism and denial.)
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  5. Apparently Monckton is claiming it's only your 3rd birthday...
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  6. Happy Birthday SkS! Keep the good work up. It's so much more fun to argue about AGW with the deniers... it's getting a hobby!
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  7. This is a wedding anniversary, but I thought I'd post the various materials associated with the 4th wedding anniversary. I find them interesting: Traditional U.S.: silk, linen. Traditional U.K.: fruit, flowers Modern U.S.: appliances If that doesn't sum it all up in a nutshell . . . Anyway, happy 4th, and thanks John.
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  8. Happy Birthday Skeptical Science, and congratulations John, on your new position.
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  9. John Cook: When do you go in for cloning?
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  10. Here's what the Union of Concerned Scientists said about SkS in a recent news release. "Skeptical Science is the leading website for debunking spurious claims regarding climate science. The site tackles everything from flawed research papers to conspiracy theories about scientists and is updated with the latest contrarian claims and primary sources that debunk them."
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  11. Happy Birthday to SkS and Congratulations on the new job. I discovered SkS after Climategate and I am so glad I did. You and all the regulars do a fantastic job of making the science accessible to anyone who is interested in learning it. Every scientific discipline should should have an equivalent. Thanks to all who contribute.
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  12. John, you are a remarkable leader, always (well, almost always!) maintaining an "even keel" and bringing others along with you. May you go from "strength to strength" in your new position!
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  13. John congrats on hanging in for four years and making SkS into an 'institution' in the best sense of the word. And bigger congrats on the appointment - we need way more CCSC fellows but good to start with one of the best.
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  14. Congratulations to John and to all who have and continue to contribute to making SkS such a valued source of information, review and comment. Your Fellowship is richly deserved.
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  15. Happy Birthday SkS! And John, thanks for being a much needed voice of reason out in the internet ether.
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  16. Happy birthday to SkS! And congratulations on the new position. Seeing as you have created the best site on the Web for rebutting the the arguments that climate skeptics have with the science, I imagine you're ideally placed to do well in your new job. And of course you have a handy resource to find those pesky papers when you need them :) Well done!
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  17. Happy birthday! Love your app--perfect for reading through some arguments to refresh my memory or learn new things.
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  18. Happy birthday SkS. Well deserved congratulations John.
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  19. Happy Birthday!
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  20. Happy Birthday SkS and all the best John - your work is valuable and much admired.
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  21. Congratulations on the four years bit and also on the new appointment on climate change science communication. Re. the new appointment, boy, have you got a job on your hands! A quote from this week's New Scientist concerning new rules on ship pollution: "The agreement, reached at the UN's International Maritime Organization, comes after years of negotiations. It is a rare step forward for climate negotiators at a time when an overall deal on global carbon emissions looks ever more remote." Good luck, we all need you to succeed, and quickly.
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  22. Birthday felicitations - and best wishes for your new role. The Global Change Institute must find it hard to believe its luck :D
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