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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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Cranky Resources - Overview by language

This is a landing page to list resources related to the Cranky Uncle game in the languages they are available in. We will keep this page as current as possible and will add resources as they get published. Translating theses resources is a volunteer effort, so not all of them will be available in all languages.


Cranky Uncle uses cartoons, humor, and logic-based inoculation to build resilience against misinformation – an ideal tool for teaching critical thinking to students. This page features resources for educators interested in using Cranky Uncle (the game or the book) to teach critical thinking in their classes. For starters, the game is freely available on iPhones, Androids, and browsers (e.g., for anyone with internet access):


Jump to Dutch - GermanPortuguese - SpanishAlbanian - Macedonian


Teachers’ Guide to Cranky Uncle offers background information and classroom activity ideas for educators interested in using the Cranky Uncle game to teach critical thinking in their classes. CrankyGuide
Cranky cartoons - a collection of cartoons with each representing a different logical fallacy from the FLICC taxonomy CrankyCartoon
The Science of Cranky Uncle - a series of videos explaining the science behind the game. CrankyScience
Powerpoint of FLICC denial techniques - includes definitions of the various rhetorical techniques and logical fallacies in the FLICC taxonomy, as well as a number of cartoon examples. FLICC Explanations
Introduction to Cranky Uncle - the paper Cranky Uncle: a game building resilience against climate misinformation is a not too technical explanation of the scientific research that informed the design of the Cranky Uncle game. PlusLucis
History of FLICC - Blog post detailing the history of the FLICC taxonomy. FLICC Taxonomy
Cranky Uncle - Resources for educators - Blog post with more information about these and other resources. Educator Resources
Cranky Uncle: launched languages - Blog post describing the translation activities and challenges involved. Translations
Information sheet for parents  


De Docentenhandleiding voor Cranky Uncle CrankyGuide NL
Cranky Uncle Cartoons als voorbeelden van drogredenen  
PLOCC: de technieken van wetenschapsontkenning  
De geschiedenis van de 5 technieken van ontkenning van de wetenschap  
Cranky Uncle - Lesmateriaal Educator Resources
De game Cranky Uncle is nu beschikbaar in het Nederlands & Duits! Launch NL
Informatieblad voor onderwijsonderzoek  


Leitfaden für Lehrkräfte zu Cranky Uncle CrankyGuide DE
Cranky Uncle Cartoons als Beispiele für Trugschlüsse CrankyCartoon
PLURV: die Techniken der Forschungsleugnung - includes definitions of the various rhetorical techniques and logical fallacies in the FLICC taxonomy, as well as a number of cartoon examples. PLURV-Erklärungen
Cranky Uncle: Ein Spiel zur Förderung der Widerstandskraft gegen Klima-Falschinformationen PlusLucis
PLURV: Die Geschichte der 5 Techniken der Wissenschaftsleugnung PLURV Taxonomy
Cranky Uncle - Materialien für Lehrkräfte - Blog Post mit ausführlicheren Erklärungen zu den Materialien. Educator Resources
Das Cranky Uncle Spiel kann jetzt in acht Sprachen gespielt werden! Launch DE
Informationsblatt für die pädagogische Forschung  


Guia do Cranky Uncle para professoras e professores CrankyGuide
Cranky Uncle cada vez mais multilíngue, agora também em Espanhol e Português! Translations


La Guia del professor para Cranky Uncle CrankyGuide
¡Cranky Uncle ahora habla 8 idiomas, incluyendo francés, italiano y sueco! Translations


Udhëzuesi i mësuesit Xhaxhi Kokëfortin CrankyGuide


Vodich za nastavnici za Chichko Mrchator CrankyGuide


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