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All IPCC definitions taken from Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Annex I, Glossary, pp. 941-954. Cambridge University Press.

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SkS Weekly Digest #8

Posted on 25 July 2011 by John Hartz

SkS Highlights...

SkS unveiled its seventh whimsical article series button:


Two important new articles in the series were posted.  The first, Lessons from Past Climate Predictions: Wallace Broecker documents some amazingly accurate forecasts of global temperature change made by Wallace Broecker in 1975. The second, Lessons from Past Climate Predictions: William Kellogg examines what we can learn from Kellogg's paper, Influences of Mankind on Climate, published in 1979. 

Toon of the Week...



The Week in Review

During the past week, the 12 articles listed below were posted by SkS authors and guest authors.

  • OA not OK part 10: Is the ocean blowing bubbles? (Doug Mackie)
  • Gripping video of Arctic sea ice melting away before your eyes (Daniel Bailey)
  • Rising Oceans - Too Late to Turn the Tide? (Badgersouth)
  • OA not OK part 9: Henry the 8th I was (*) (Doug Mackie)
  • French translation of The Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism (John Cook)
  • Milankovitch Cycles (Chris Colose)
  • OA not OK part 8: 170 to 1 (Doug Mackie)
  • Lessons from Past Climate Predictions: William Kellogg (Dana)
  • OA not OK part 7: Le Chatelier not good enough for ocean acidification (Doug Mackie)
  • Examples of Monckton contradicting his scientific sources (John Cook)
  • China, From the Inside Out (Rob Honeycutt) 
  • Lessons from Past Climate Predictions: Wallace Broecker (Dana)
  • Coming soon...

    • Michaels Mischief #1: Continued Warming and Aerosols (Dana)
    • Earth's Climate History: Implications for Tomorrow (James Hansen)
    • Ocean Cooling Corrected, Again (Rob P)
    • Monckton Myth #17: Debate vs. Denniss, Part 1 (Dana)
    • Monckton Myth #17: Debate vs. Denniss, Part 2 (Dana)
    • The Ridley Riddle Part One: The Red Queen (Andy S)
    • Did we do it? Yes we did! (Doug Mackie)
    • The Ridley Riddle Part Two: The White Queen (Andy S)
    • Christmas Present (Doug Mackie)
    • The Ridley Riddle Part Three: Like a Northern Rock (Andy S)
    • Christy Crock #7: People Need Energy (Sarah)
    • A Lousy Two Degrees - Who Cares? (Agnostic)
    • The Last Interglacial Part Three - Melting Ice and Rising Seas (Steve Brown)

    SkS Spotlights...

    The Pew Center on Global Climate Change now provides a wealth of information on the relationship between extreme weather and climate change. To access it, click here.

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    Comments 1 to 5:

    1. 0 0
    2. Just wondering whether the cartoon in this post falls foul of the comments policy stating no rants about politics. There are plenty of very funny and insightful political cartoons out there, do we need this one here?
      0 0

      [DB]  Don't believe it fits the definition of a rant.  A lament, sure.

      The logo splash at the start is kinda cool.

    3. This cartoon does not advance the knowledge of climate change. Instead, the comic feeds the stereotypes that already exist. I agree with Byron, there are better options than this.
      0 0
    4. Byron & mfripp: When I selected this particular cartoon, I was concerned that readers would find it too parochial. I was not aware that the SkS comment policy guidelines addressed political content until I read Byron's note. I will take this into account when I choose cartoons for future editions of the Weekly Digest.
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    5. I LOVE The cartoon! A perfect commentary on why the US is nowhere to be seen when it comes to dealing with the biggest problem humanity has ever faced.
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